Marjorie A. Buettner...

Doubts - doutes ...

tree leaves
at the edge of the river
reflecting stillness
then that unnameable thing
slow to the surface rises
this autumn mood...
a crescent moon carries
its own certain dark
the air is thick
with a tumbling confusion
of colored leaves
while the river's raw current
carries my worry away
filtered through the window shades
sun shadows fill up the room

I close my eyes to see you better
how our boundaries merge

this afternoon has no end
I empty myself into you
circling a full moon
this winter solstice
while the lengthening darkness
is almost audible now
the abyss
at the edge feeling the wind
blow through bone
when will my hands learn to sing
like an eagle in song-flight
porcelain dawn
the moon the color of snow
over dark ice
when will I see you again
friend of many distances
your silence
as deep as this midnight sky
moving the night
how small we must look above
as the world rolls through our sleep
vacation's end
the highway still unraveling
when I close my eyes
how many parts of ourselves
have we left homeless behind
Copyright Marjorie A. Buettner, 2002
French translation, Serge Tomé, Micheline Beaudry (MB)