Marjorie A. Buettner...

Mystery - le mystère ...

crow-scattered skies
and the scent of coming rain
this early April
feeling the earth churn beneath
as wild stars circle above

first snow
the color of the full moon
after midnight
then these sacred songs of night
teach what has been forgotten
première neige
la couleur de la pleine lune
après minuit
alors ces chants sacrés de la nuit
nous enseignent ce qui a été oublié
approaching winter
so the ancient beast's movement
slow, unrelenting
like Orpheus's last look
I watch this time disappear

morning stillness
these stolen moments from time's
weighty presence
then these unknown parts again
rise from the depths of myself

the curve of starlight
that bends all the way down
has nothing to hide
it carries its own dead weight
wrapped in the mystery of time

this ancient night
of snow and moonlight
taking me back
the mysteries still remain
in the glow of my children's eyes

Marjorie Buettner
Christmas Eve, 1999

the river tonight
is as dark as a dream
and as diffuse
while this deep under current
longs for the mouth of the sea

warm breath of night
whispers to me its secrets
like a lost friend
dark to dark heart unlacing
memories from worlds long ago

humid days
verbena in the garden
heavy with blooms
this summery excess
as if it could last forever

morning chill
one by one each cricket
falls into silence
there they will find me too
full of my own wordlessness

the first time I saw your face
man in the moon
you were of my nightmares then
but now I call you father
Copyright Marjorie A. Buettner, 2002
French translation, Serge Tomé